2016 Wrap – Coming Soon!

2015 Wrap

Participating suppliers from the 2015 Toyota Opportunity Exchange provide up close and personal takeaways, lessons learned, as well as tips to potential attendees in this short video.

Access to the Front Door

From risk takers and decision makers to movers and shakers. Countless business connections have started with an introduction and handshake at Opportunity Exchange.

A Chance to Compete

For many small business owners, all that’s needed is a foot in the door. For many MBEs and WBEs, Opportunity Exchange offers the right moment to step into the spotlight. Ready? Go!

Can’t Keep Me Away

Toyota is dedicated to engaging the passion of people who believe there’s always a better way. Opportunity Exchange helps MBEs and WBEs discover new ways to strengthen their competitive position in the marketplace.

A Different Perspective

Being an innovative thinker and problem solver can go a long way in developing sustainable partnerships. Opportunity Exchange offers a forum for MBEs and WBEs to discover new platforms for collaboration and challenging themselves to grow.

Nimble, Agile, Innovative

In today’s complex marketplace, being adaptable and able to make timely decisions is essential for success. That’s a key place where many MBEs and WBEs have a distinct advantage.

A Whole Lot of Talent

We agree with what Gloria Pernacciaro of Reliable Machine Company says: “You can’t get big thinking small.” And Opportunity Exchange is THE place for MBEs and WBEs of all types and sizes to discover big thoughts, big ideas and big possibilities.